Anterior cruciate ligament tear – benefits and specific exercises

Anterior cruciate ligament tear is far more serious than a regular ligament tear or a slight muscle pull. This is mainly so because an anterior cruciate ligament tear can actually render your knee useless leaving you without any movement of the knee joint. The same also lands you in a situation where you cannot stand on your own and cannot put any weight on the leg with the anterior cruciate ligament tear. It is normally said that the pain that arises from an ACL tear is not so severe and those who do not necessarily need to get back to serious physical activity can opt for non surgical physical therapy treatments that allow normalcy. ACL therapy is more then just massages for the area. It is a whole host of protocols and guidelines and exercises that need to be followed regularly for almost three months before you can expect to return to normal conditions. Some people take longer and the recovery time depends on the severity of the injury and the age of the patient. Physical therapy treatment options for an anterior cruciate ligament tear involves various exercises, each aimed at decreasing the pain, reducing the swelling, strengthening the joint and the muscle and reducing muscle spasms. The process also promotes healing and prevents a deformity of the muscles that can occur if adequate precautions are not taken while movement. Some of the techniques that are used for physical therapy are soft tissue release, trigger point release, joint mobilizations, stretching aqua therapy and a home exercises program.

Lying straight on the bed with the injured leg straight and tensing the quadriceps for a period of 10 to 15 seconds is one exercise that helps anterior cruciate ligament tear. This helps in the initial stages of the recovery for an anterior cruciate ligament tear since the exercises that you can do need to be light.

Leg raises
This is another simple exercise that helps anterior cruciate ligament tear. All that you need to do is to lie on the bed with the injured leg straight and the uninjured leg folded. Tighten the quads and then lift your injured leg slightly. Hold it for about a second and then slowly place it back on the bed.

Heel slides
This exercise for anterior cruciate ligament tear helps regain the range of motion of the knee. Still lying on the bed with the injured leg straight, slide the heel of the leg towards your bottom. Make sure that you stop the movement if it becomes uncomfortable. Hold the leg in the folded position and slide back

Side leg lifts
While lying on one side with the injured leg on top, raise the injured leg slowly. Don’t try and overdo it and lift it only till you reach a height of about 6 inches. Lower the leg and start again after 5 seconds. This anterior cruciate ligament tear exercise can help in improving overall movement.